October 8, 2020

‘There’s tone deaf then there’s utter madness’

The PR industry is appalled by a PureGym branch promotion that linked Black History Month with a new workout. Professionals warn that while the workout may claim to be ‘hard’, repairing PureGym’s reputation will be much tougher.

Full article from PRWeek here

Our Deputy Manager, Brand, Alicia Solanki provided her reaction:

Just wow. There’s tone-deaf, and then there’s utter madness. My first reaction was: ‘Is this even real?’ PureGym’s fallback is to say this was posted locally and was not endorsed by the company, but this deflection does more to harm their central brand as it’s a damning verdict on their corporate D&I policies and protocols. 

And if something like this can go national undetected, what on earth is happening behind the scenes that never sees the light of day? The comments this has garnered on Facebook alone show that despite the apology, damage has been done.  

With over 300 locations across the UK, PureGym needs to step it up now and follow through on its apology with tangible actions that show it understands the gravity of this. This includes D&I training for its staff and firmer, more culturally attune, social media guidelines. Ironically, perhaps, I hope this isn’t the last we hear from them.