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Even in modern times, women’s femininity is constructed around the idea of fertility. From the age of 12 females are taught that they will menstruate, periods may be painful, they should unequivocally want and bear children, and one day their wombs will be retired during menopause. In its latest campaign launching with an emotional new social video, #wombstories, taboo-busting brand Bodyform once again boldly confronts the societal norms imposed on women by sharing candid real-life womb stories spanning all stages of a woman’s life.

In the midst of a pandemic and challenging news cycle, PR was charged with driving an organic viral earned media campaign to give women’s health a modern-day voice and encourage women to open up about their own #wombstories.

Our campaign was grounded in insightful research: 68% of women who experienced miscarriage, endometriosis, fertility issues and menopause report that when they open up, it helps. Yet, 21% of women believe society oppresses them into silence, and nearly half (44%) claim that staying silent damaged their mental health.

Alongside the powerful video, we recruited two macro influencers willing to share their own #wombstories with high profile national and international media, and encourage others to do the same on social.

The #wombstories campaign is smashing all benchmarks in Bodyform brand engagement. The video has garnered 3.3 million+ organic views, 241 engagements, 6m impressions, and 4.7m video reach via social to date. Earned media has produced an astronomical reach of 1,552,552,329 through August 2020.