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To show that Fairy Non Bio laundry detergent understands families, we created a social platform #ToMyBaby, for new parents to write/post letters expressing their heartfelt wishes to their children.

Media ran our research findings and to motivate letter writing, we partnered with influential parents –Olympic diver Tom Daley, model/TV personality Vogue Williams and rugby player Matt Dawson –to be the first to share their letters on national TV, print and social channels. Letter writing kits appealed to other media/celebs, within hours, letters from new parents #ToMyBaby began flooding Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, driving national conversation.

To reward letter writing/sharing, Fairy Non Bio pledged £1 to London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity for every letter, committing £40,000.

In over 2 weeks, 2,000 parents wrote letters #ToMyBaby. After 6.3M online engagements, 79% said Fairy Non Bio understood them as parents and 74% said they would definitely buy the product.