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Booking.com wanted to reaffirm its commitment to furthering diversity and inclusion in the technology industry by creating a program to encourage more women to consider a career in tech. The Booking.com Technology Playmaker Awards, Women in Tech global scholarships and mentoring program were created to celebrate the achievements of women currently in tech, and empower more women to enter the industry.

Ketchum introduced a global narrative for Booking.com around gender diversity in tech, stemming from proprietary global research we conducted on the challenges, perceptions and experiences of women in tech and female students interested in a tech career.

In addition to creating the global awards program and event , Ketchum introduced a thought leadership campaign for Booking.com Chairwoman (then-CEO) Gillian Tans on the need for diversity in technology and the imperative for businesses and organizations. Gillian has spoken on the issue with media across the world, on the stages of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Web Summit and several regional events. The program also drove engagement among women in tech groups worldwide.

Ketchum developed a set of brand guidelines and bank of imagery that stemmed naturally from the Booking.com brand – and that came to life across all aspects of the awards – from website and social content to videos, on-site branding and the award itself. This unique brand and visual identity has become as integral and recognisable as the awards programme itself. The clients have embraced the visual identity as an authentic and inspiring extension of their brand. This year, we have successfully introduced its third iteration as the brand continues to evolve and grow.