• Making the complex simple
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Recognising that the technology sitting behind Brighterion’s AI offering is highly complex, we worked closely with the team to develop a narrative that simplified their approach into language that is easily understandable to the man on the street. This simplicity was then reflected in the video design, with clean, modern-looking animations that laddered up to Mastercard’s decision to update its logo by removing text, leaving only the two iconic Mastercard spheres.

Reception of the video by Brighterion’s customers was so positive that Mastercard decided to share it more widely, using it in both internal and external communications. It’s now one of the most watched videos on Mastercard’s YouTube channel.

Other teams across Mastercard’s global operations have since requested that we repurpose this clean looking design for additional materials, including whitepapers and infographics. The aim is that this elegant visual becomes as instantly recognisable as the Mastercard logo itself.