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The International Consensus Conference for Advanced Breast Cancer (ABC) has established itself as a major international breast cancer conference. Ketchum exhibited the Invisible Woman 2.0 interactive installation at ABC5, in Lisbon, 14-16 November 2019.

The installation allowed audiences to explore patients’ stories and the experiences of ABC, through reflection and storytelling. Visitors were able to interact with the installation, by casting silhouettes and moving to reveal the stories/quotes of inspiring women with ABC in a personal and visually captivating way. The conceptual piece was highly unusual to take centre stage at a healthcare congress, however this approach captivated audiences elevating the importance of the patient experience.

From today’s installation I can relate more to my patients and I can see them more holistically.”  Healthcare professional 

I think when I see the patients next, I’ll think about communication again, it will give me a better insight. I’ll allow them to talk more.” Healthcare professional